Friday, October 23, 2015

October, really?

So, we built a Catio!

Here's two of the clowder enjoying the fresh fall air. 

Gorgeous house near bmh all dressed up for Halloween. 

Toonces, my big baby kitty that is a lap cat in every sense of the word. 
My archeological find! bricks that were hidden under grass for who knows how long in front of the house. I wish the entire parking would have been bricked, but this was still a fun discovery. 

Wake me up when it's over....
Treats?! I didn't know there were treats! 
Happy Halloween!  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Znetshows Cultured Sea Glass Summer Design Challenge

 I haven't done one of these design challenges for a while and thought this would be a good way to kick myself in the head and get me working on some new jewelry.
The way this challenge worked is we were to chose up to six different styles of the Znetshows cultured sea glass and design a piece of summer jewelry that featured it.  These are in the summer Znet Creative Spark issue in the Upcycled section. 
The blue and white that said sea & summer to me.

 Surprise! they sent way more shapes, colors and styles.  

So my design consultant and I got down to business.  That's Westin, he's SO much help.

 For the focal I used P35 (P35-B31) Cultured Sea Glass sun dial freeform pendant, about 53X22mm triangle in sky blue color or 31- Light Sapphire.
The white sea glass is their S45 (S45-B42SFIVE) in 42-Opaque White, about 18X17mm
My repurposed pieces are Kuchi tribal coins and recycled African glass beads. There are also silver plated rondels, embossed zinc beads and leather. 

 This necklace also has the same sea glass focal with Kunci coins, African recycled glass, chain and leather. 
 The sweet little focal has been recycled from an enameled broken pin that was part of a Victorian morning piece.  The drops are Znetshows P48-B43 - Cultured Sea Glass in 43-Opaque Seafoam Green  
At the bottom of the teardrops are 86- Moonstone Opals, S03 (S03-86Five):Cultured Sea Glass round Beads 4mm. 

  The small round beads are 86- Moonstone Opals, S03 (S03-86Five):Cultured Sea Glass round Beads 4mm. 
The teardrops are the same as in the above necklace, P48-B43 - Cultured Sea Glass teardrop round 43-Opaque Seafoam Green.  
Hanging from the closure is an orange and white kitten paw sea shell, a Znet PMX3-B88 - Cultured Sea Glass double-hole flat freeform mix Pendants two hole varies 88 - Light Aqua `Coke` bottle Seafoam, 
a large Znet glass round pearl BDS 1894-01 and a tiny Znet glass pearl. 

This bracelet has round wood beads, tubular bone beads, silver plated rondels, 
S77-B28 - Cultured Sea Glass teardrop round Beads About 38x9mm 28-Turquoise Bay. 
Hanging from the closure are a drilled beach stone, an orange and white kitten paw sea shell and another Znet glass pendant.
There's much more to see over at the on line magazine right here!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Blind Buddha Guitars Update

Gun/cartridge belts converted to guitar straps. Vintage Bell & Howell speakers with new tube amps. 

Beautiful old banjo neck that will be used for a Blind Buddha Guitar. 

Wonderful true deco styled Ampro with two speakers that now also has a new EL84 tube amp installed. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Chalkboard Barn Door at Bad Monkey House

A few weeks back, I spotted this great old chalkboard scoreboard at one of my favorite vintage shops, The Furniture Girl. 

The store is only a couple blocks from the house and right next to Mike's Drive-In. Mike's is a great little local chain with an occasional corndog happy hour. Really. 

We were out for a walk, with Mike's corndogs on our mind, but stopping at Jill's, the one and only Furniture Girl is also a priority, because I've found such wonderful things there. 

The chalkboard came out of a bar in Montana and now has found a new home and use.  

The open space is about the same width as two doors -which we first thought about using- but after getting the chalkboard there was no question what to use. (I have two vintage doors with windows in them to play with now, too.)
First, I looked up barndoor hardware and saw the $$$ prices. 
Ack! Really? 
So, Mr. BMH figured out a way to make his own with a couple trips to local home supply stores. He also painted two fence boards black and screwed them onto each side of the chalkboard to help with stability and get the width right. 

The rolly thing is a pulley that was taken apart. It rests on a metal 'L' shaped steel stock. The black metal piece is a fence bracket. 

This is garage door hardware from
Home Depot. We put the same handle on the other side. All the hardware was only about $50-$60. Much, much less than the $300 and up prices I found for sliding barn doors on line. 
It works and looks so cool! I'm super happy how it turned out.  

What do you think?

The wall isn't really that weird color, that's what happens with artificial light, sometimes. This is in our basement, which is currently set up as a two bedroom apartment. Behind the new door is acess to another open space (that I desperately need to empty out), the laundry and the bathroom. 

We are thinking of using this space for Airbnb in the near future and this is one more step getting us ready to give that a try. They have set up offices in nearby Portland and it's been going well. 
Have you ever used Airbnb? 
Would you again? 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Jewelry by Gretchen Nation

Freshwater Pearl with tiny antique steel cut French beads that were used to repair beaded bags and some wire wrapped silver iris glass beads. 

Nice 'chunk of real Turquoise with a chain tassel. 

Vintage Yellowstone Fob with African sand cast tribal beads that are from the 1800's, plus bone and shell beads. 

Some fun neck chains with Indian Head nickels, wings and stones. 

Silver plate heart and small real turquoise stone on a silver plated necklace. 

Vintage advertising knife with tribal beads on a chain long enough to slip over your head. 
Amazing detail on this hand carved Ox bone skull. It's with vintage black crystal rosary beads with silver connectors and a Victorian steel cut button. It's long enough to over your head. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blind Buddha Guitars in Guitar World Magazine

This really isn't about the band Slipknot, but it could be.  This is the current issue of Guitar World magazine with Slipknot on the cover. There's an article about Slash and Joe Bonamassa, too, but the real reason to pick up this issue is on one page in the back. 
This is a Blind Buddha Guitar in the current issue of Guitar World magazine. Weird it may be, it's still pretty awesome to see one of the guitars here. 
Do you think Slipknot or Slash or Joe Bonamassa were as thrilled to be in here? I bet we won that contest. ;) 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Special Order Blind Buddha Guitar

Vintage EKO inlaid guitar neck
Antique Flemish Box

This beautiful vintage Blind Buddha Guitar is now in Texas with Frank, a 6'7" Vietnam Vet, retired Army, Federal Marshal (like Tommy Lee in the Fugitive, but the real deal). We hope is is enjoying it as much as we did. Thanks, Frank!